NFL Canada x #MattysTailgateParty

11:31 PM

If you didn't know, it's Super Bowl weekend!!
Don't worry, I didn't really know until a week ago lol and I'll be honest, the only reason I know about it is because I was invited to a tailgate/homegate party (with amazing food) for Super Bowl 50! I personally don't have an opinion about football or the Super Bowl but the parties and food?! Ohhh yes please, count me in!

But who said that football is only for those who love football? I, (un)fortunately, do not know much about football. The only thing I know is that I loveeee a good party. 

So in light of it being the 50th Super Bowl ever, or purely because who doesn't love a good party, Chef Matt Dean Pettit and NFL Canada partnered up to host a homegate party at Rock Lobster last weekend.

I gave full disclosure to Rey (CEO of EatnMingle) that I had absolutely no knowledge whatsoever about football. As NFL Canada is trying to change the way viewers watch the game and appeal to the non-football fans, they let me in (yay) to attempt to show me how much fun this Super Bowl weekend could really be - and yes, I was convinced.

MDP started off the party with an introduction of the event and explained to us about tailgating/homegating. What is Homegating? Great question!! It's basically having a party at home.

And to have a party at home, all you need is a couple amazing dishes of food and a TV for the football fans. For the food/party lovers, you can stay in the kitchen and eat. Keep in mind that no one is judging because they're all busy watching the game hehe.

It's no party to without a drink in my hand! I started off with a spicy caesar (y) such a great choice. Behind the caesar is the first dish I got my hands on - the West Coast Crab Dip. Besides it tasting delicious (you should use MDP's recipe), I love how fun it looks as it's shaped like a football!

Apparently it's not a tailgating party without chili! I didn't know that but there are no complaints coming from my end!

(Ugh just look at this delicious spread!)

Besides cooking, MDP brought us all outside to throw footballs. So many people had hidden football throwing talents - so fun!

By the time we finished outside and went back inside, the ham was cut up and served in buns with the dijon mustard. I had mine without the bun, and it was delicious! But as good as those wings below...

Oh man, these bad boys were my favourite of the night - golden drumsticks. I honestly couldn't stop eating these lol it was kind of embarrassing, especially since it is such a messy thing to eat. AH just so good. You can't go wrong at a party with these drumsticks!

It's no party without dessert, and we had to keep it Canadian with maple taffy on snow.

Just the happiest bunch with dessert, including me! A big thank you to MDP and NFL Canada for hosting such an amazing homegating party to show us how much fun it is to host a Super Bowl party.

Who's ready to throw their own Super Bowl party now?!
Get ready for Sunday and tune in to Super Bowl 50 on CTV starting at 6:00 p.m. - woohoo Go Sports!!!!

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